Homayun Ahmed

No. 1 Scammer

Homayun Ahmed Launches New Pyramid Scheme Investment Scam – MSAMarkets

Notorious scammer Homayun Ahmed, still evading authorities for previous investment
frauds, has seemingly not stopped his criminal efforts even while in hiding. Sources have
confirmed to Homayunahmed.com that Ahmed is now behind a new online scheme called
Purporting to be an legitimate forex and crypto trading company, MSAMarkets promises
returns of up to 100% monthly on investments. However, like Ahmed's past ventures, it is
suspected to be nothing more than an elaborate pyramid scheme to siphon funds from
No trading is believed to actually take place, with profits being paid out solely from
incoming deposits in classic Ponzi fashion. Further, the website and registration information
for MSAMarkets was only created just recently, raising major red flags.

As with his previous schemes still under investigation such as FutureFX, Habibsons and Axis
Bank, it is certain MSAMarkets only enriches Ahmed while leaving participants empty
handed once the scheme collapses. He operates this venture from 57HF+H3P – Al Asayel
St – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
The public is strongly warned to stay far away from MSAMarkets and report any
involvement immediately so authorities can continue the pursuit of bringing Homayun
Ahmed to justice for his blatant crimes against many in our community.
More information on Homayun’s companies can be found here:

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